Advantages When Using Email Effectively

Advantages When Using Email Effectively

In my previous post, I’ve already mentioned some advantages when using email effectively.

In this post, I will dig a little deeper into this area to find why we should use email effectively.

But first, we should answer the question why email is so popular today or why we should use email. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Time-saving: People from around the world can receive an email from sender in just a couple of seconds comparing the total time we spend to write a letter and send it from Vietnam to America. It is huge difference.
  • Physical space-saving: just think of a person with 200 emails receiving a day, then a company with 50 people will have around 300.000 emails and if we don’t use email, then we need 300.000 sheets of paper or 600 reams of paper a month. Now you have the idea how many space we can save by using email.
  • Money-saving: same example above, the money we spend for 600 reams of paper is a lot more than the money we spend for email, not to mention the money we can save by saving space.
  • There are a lot more reasons, such as, using email enable us to work remotely or to reduce the long distance phone call/fax…

Now you see why we should use email and it’s time to see the advantages when using email effectively. Below are couples of thing for you to consider:

  • If we use email effectively, then we could take all the advantages when using email as being stated above.
  • Email is a communication tool. If you could use email effectively, that means you have a capability of great communication which is so much important in all businesses or between individual.
  • Keep our job efficiency. For example, if we can write a convincing email, it will make our correspondents or customers to response promptly and may accept our proposal.
  • Using email adequately could keep us and our organization stay away from trouble. For instance, when we send a quotation or confidential information to our competitor by mistake, it is when the problem comes.
  • There are still many advantages when we can use email proficiently. If you see any additional one, please share them in the comment below.

If you want to know how to use email effectively, you should know Parts of an Email, some tips on Dos and Don’ts, How to Manage Email and you will know more through Case Study.

If you want to know the content of the whole article, please check my introduction of Using Email Effectively.

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