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Here is the list of words used to describe the weather from a dull day to a bright, beautiful day. For each word, I’ve added phonetic transcription (using International Phonetic Alphabet – IPA) which will tell you how to pronounce the word. I’ve also added the word form (verb or adjective or noun) with examples how to use the word in a sentence.

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Words or phrases for talking about weather.

Barometer (n) [ bəˈrɑːmɪtər ] Áp kế (đo áp suất không khí). Ex: A barometer is an instrument to measure atmospheric pressure.
Breeze (n) [briːz ] Gió nhẹ. Ex: Look! The flowers are swaying in the breeze.
Celsius (a) [ˈselsiəs ] Độ C. Ex: Tonight is a mild night, around twenty degrees Celsius.
Chilly (a) [ˈtʃɪli ] Lạnh lẽo. Ex: It's chilly today.
Climate (n) [ˈklaɪmət ] Khí hậu. Ex: The tropical climate is good for growing mango.
Climate change (n) [ˈklaɪmət ] Sự biến đổi khí hậu. Ex: Climate change is a hot topic and should be taken into consideration seriously by each and everyone.
Cloud (n) [ klaʊd ] Mây. Ex: Many times we see the cloud that looks like someone or an animal.
Cloudy (a) [ˈklaʊdi ] Nhiều mây. Ex: It's very cloudy today.
cold (a) [koʊld ] Lạnh. Ex: Today is the coldest day in this month.
Degree (n) [dɪˈɡriː ] Độ. Ex: Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius (0°C).
Drizzle (n) [ˈdrɪzl ] Mưa phùn, mưa bụi. Ex: A light drizzle is falling in front of us right now.
Dry (a) [draɪ ] Khô. Ex: It was summer and this river was were dry.
Dull (a) [dʌl ] U ám, ảm đạm. Ex: Yesterday was a dull, grey day.
Fahrenheit (a) [ˈfærənhaɪt ] Độ F. Ex: Temperatures today will rise to around sixty degrees Fahrenheit.
Flood (n) [flʌd ] Lũ lụt. Nạn lụt Ex: The heavy rain's caused floods in many parts of the the city.
Fog (n,v) [fɑːɡ ] Sương mù. Ex: We faced dense/thick fog last week in Ba Na Hills and the visibility is poor. It's snowed for three days without stopping.
Foggy (a) [ˈfɔːɡi ] Có sương mù. Ex: It was foggy and cold when we are in Ba Na Hills last month.
Frost (n) / ˈfrɔːst ] Băng giá, sương giá. Ex: It will be a clear night with some frost.
Frosty (a) [ˈfrɔːsti ] Giá rét. Ex: It's frosty outside. We cannot go out without a jacket.
Gale (n) [ɡeɪl ] Gió giật, gió mạnh. Ex: The gale blew down thousands of trees.
Global warming (n) [ˈɡloʊbl ˈwɔːrmɪŋ ] Hiện tượng nóng lên toàn cầu. Ex: One of the consequences of climate change is global warming.
Hail (n) [heɪl ] Mưa đá. Ex: Last time when I was in US, we drove though snow and hail.
Hot (a) [hɑːt ] Nóng. Ex: I don’t like this hot weather.
Humid (a) [ˈhjuːmɪd ] Ẩm, ẩm ướt. Ex: The island is almost humid and hot in the summer.
Ice (n) [aɪs ] Băng, tuyết. Ex: Would you like ice? Get me ome ice, please.
Icy (a) [ˈaɪsi ] Băng giá, lạnh lẽo. Ex: When opening the door, an icy blast of air swept through the room.
Lightning (n) [ˈlaɪtnɪŋ ] (Sấm) Chớp Ex: A storm with thunder and lightning.
Lightning arrester (n) [ˈlaɪtnɪŋ əˈrestə] Cột thu lôi. Ex: We only see lightning arresters in high building.
Mild (a) [maɪld ] Ôn hòa, ấm áp. Ex: The weather today is mild and wonderful.
Mist (n) [mɪst ] Sương mù. Ex: Mist is same as fog but less dense than fog. Fog has a tendency to be thicker and massive than mist.
Overcast (a) [ˌoʊvərˈkæst ] U ám, ảm đạm. Ex: Tomorrow will be overcast and dull.
Rain (n,v) [reɪn ] Mưa. Ex: It looks like rain. It’s raining very heavily.
Rainbow (n) [ˈreɪnboʊ ] Cầu vòng.
Raindrop (n) [ˈreɪndrɑːp ] Hạt mưa.
Rainfall (n) [ˈreɪnfɔːl ] Lượng mưa.
Shower (n) [ˈʃaʊər ] Mưa rào. Ex: Both of us were caught in a heavy shower.
Sleet (n) [sliːt ] Mưa tuyết.
Snow (n,v) [snoʊ ] Tuyết, tuyết rơi. Ex: Snow is falling outside. It's been snowing very heavily for 3 days.
Snowflake (n) [ˈsnoʊfleɪk ] Hoa tuyết, bông tuyết. Ex: A snowflake landed on my nose.
Storm (n) [stɔːrm ] Bão, cơn bão. Ex: There's a heavy storm outside. A thunderstorm / snowstorm / sandstorm
Stormy (a) [ˈstɔːrmi ] Có bão. Ex: We cannot go out in a dark and stormy night like this.
Sun (n) [sʌn ] Mặt trời. Ex: The sun was just setting.
sunny (a) [ˈsʌni ] Có nắng. Ex: Sai Gon is at its sunniest today.
Sunshine (n) [ˈsʌnʃaɪn ] Ánh nắng. Ex: It's great to go out in the sunshine.
Temperature (n) [ˈtemprətʃər ] Nhiệt độ. Ex: The temperature has risen (by) six degrees since last week.
Thermometer (n) [θərˈmɑːmɪtər ] Nhiệt kế.
Thunder (n) [ˈθʌndər ] Sấm sét. Ex: A storm with thunder and lightning.
Tornado (n) [tɔːrˈneɪdoʊ ] Cơn lốc xoáy.
Weather forecast (n) [ˈweðər ˈfɔːrkæst] Dự báo thời tiết. Ex: There's a good weather forcast next week.
wet (a) [wet ] Ẩm ướt, có mưa. Ex: Tomorrow, It’s going to be wet.
Wind (n) [wɪnd ] Gió. Ex: Wow! The wind is getting up (start blowing strongly). Ex: Today is hot, without a breath of wind .
Windy (a) [ˈwɪndi ] Nhiều gió. Ex: It's too windy today to go out in the boat.


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