General Personal Strengths Examples

Personal Strengths

Have you ever wonder what personal strengths or weaknesses are? Or you find it hard to tell the interviewer or tell yourself your personal strengths? Or you don’t know what your strengths to put in your own SWOT analysis? My own answer is yes for first question and no for the last two questions. So I write this article to share what I’ve been studying about this.

And this is the list of personal strengths for my own reference which i hope it is also useful for you. It gives you an idea about your personal strengths that may apply in your resume, in an interview or a strength target to improve for your career development.

General Personal Strengths Examples

Examples of personal strengthsDescription
Collecting, analyzing and managing data. Collect and manage data effectively and when in need, analyze or process data and put it together in a logical order to determine and support an idea.
Communication. Efficiently and Effectively express ideas and feelings or of giving people information by verbal, non-verbal or written form. In business, it may represents the effectiveness of its commercial benefit.
Problem solving. Ability to define the problem, set goals, find the root cause and generate all possible solution with taking all consequences into consideration and implement it. Good at "Collecting, analyzing and managing data" will give you an advantage in problem solving.
Organizational skill Ability to prioritize work, manage time effectively to meet the due date, optimize available resources to accomplish individual or team or company mission or tasks…
Flexibility. Able to accept to or willing to change to adapt to new conditions or new situations.
Strong work ethic. Able to comply with moral principles or rules of behavior in work and in harmony with customers, partners, colleagues…
Reliable. Protect company interests, offer great work performance, fulfill tasks, take responsibility, Comply with company policies, operation procedures…
Coaching others. Able and willing to give instruction, to train others so that they can improve work performance, knowledge or skills.
Hard working. Work with commitment and energy. Show care and effort in your work or duties.
Initiative. Proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems, proactive in providing ideas for improving or development. Tend to decide and act on your own what is necessary on your own, without having to wait somebody to tell you what to do.
Persistent. Determined to do sth and Ability to cope with rejection, disappointment despite difficulties, obstacles for a period of time…
Artistic skills. Your natural skills such as singing, playing musical instruments, painting, good looking…. Can also be considered as personal strengths.
Positive attitude. Positive attitude can be demonstrated when you choose to face dificult situation with a productive or positive mindset. You see or find the bright side of the situation. Optimism is a good example of positive attitude. Positive attitude brings energy, motivation to achieve goals. It make us believe in ourselves, enable us to be confident and not afraid of failure…
Planing Able to effectively define concrete goals and identify tasks, prioritize tasks, assign tasks, motivate staff… and evaluate the progress...
Supporting staff Represented by knowing staff talents, training staff, evaluating staff performance and recognizing staff efforts or their achivements… This is often a strength of managers or bosses.


Determine, understand your strengths and remember them may exploit your abilities to enhance your work performance.

Learning and preparing your own strengths in advance will raise your confident in an interview.

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