Vegetarian Weekly Menu Planning

Vegetarian weekly menu

What will we have for lunch and dinner today or tomorrow? The simple question that many times left unanswered. This is a real dreaded question for many families. Many people wander around the market, just don’t know what to buy. Some people make several round trips to the market as they miss something to cook. It takes our time and energy. This is hard, especially for Vegetarians. So I made Vegetarian Weekly Menu, hoping that it will help you to stop worrying all about this and you can focus more on how to cook well for your loved ones, instead of figuring out what to cook.

This Vegetarian Weekly Menu is prepared basing on Vietnamese food. This is especially for Vietnamese people or anyone who loves Vietnamese vegetarian food or simply wants to try Vietnamese Vegetarian Weekly Menu.

With our menus, you can easily choose recipes from different weeks and mix them together to make your own menu that meet your family’s tastes. Or you can customize our specific week menu, add your own recipes to make your own custom menu as well.

The biggest benefit of using menu planner is helping you to save time and money. All you need to do is to create a shopping list for the week menu you choose. With menu and shopping list, at any given week, you only need to buy what you plan. I hope you will have stress free planning your meal.

Now comes to the hardest stuff – How to cook. You will find this in Recipes section from time to time.

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