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Learn English Vocabulary By Topic with pictures and Examples where applicable


English Vocabulary – Weather

Here is the list of words used to describe the weather from a dull day to a bright, beautiful day. For each word, I've...
Describe behavior

English Vocabulary – Describe Behavior

As an English learner, I find myself sometimes hard to find a word to describe people behavior, not to mention to use it in...
Badminton Glossary and Vocabulary

Badminton Glossary

As a fan of badminton and an English learner, reading or watching badminton matches is a fact. I would like to introduce my collection of...

English Vocabulary – Vegetable

Learning English vocabulary by visuals is one of the effective way to remember new words. Vegetable is another topic for us to improve English...
English Vocabulary – Fruit

English Vocabulary – Fruit

There is no perfect way to learn English vocabulary but there are many ways we can do to make our learning better. Visual learning...


Badminton court dimension

Badminton court dimension

Badminton Court Dimension is standard and mandated by the BWF (Badminton World Federation). It is applied for all matches from amateur matches to professional...
US Location Code

US Location Code

US location code can be found here. Please type your search query in the search textbox. You will get the instant result. First two letters...
IATA Airport Codes

IATA Airport Codes

(The International Air Transport Association) IATA Airport Codes are unique 3-letter codes, These codes are mostly used in air transportation to identify locations of airports...