Why Share for Better

Share springs from the desire to bring something good to the others.

Thanks, Google. Every time I need something, I Google it. I appreciate all the authors, bloggers and publishers that make valuable information available FOR FREE on the internet.

The world of sharing on the internet is so beautiful and has many nuances. It tells you where you can eat when you’re hungry. It provides inspirational writing to help you overcome difficulties in life – and, sometimes, expert advice that may save a life. And there’s a lot out there on the web, good and bad. We cannot deny the dark side of the internet, but we can focus on its positive side.

I would like to nurture and support this spirit by doing this for our better world.

I share because I want to topple the selfish and also to nurture the selfless in me.

By sharing, I want to nourish the spirit of total service, in appreciation of all God has conferred on me in every single moment of my life.

Sharing for my own reference in the future, sharing to learn, sharing to be shared and a lot more reason to share….

I share simply because it is my passion.

Tony Ngo, The Founder of Share For Better.